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Where is your “click”?

2018 has been the year I got my “click”! We all have things in our lives that we have struggled with for years, maybe repeating the same vicious cycles over and over again with patterns of failure becoming the norm. This has been my story in the area of my weight loss and living a healthy life. I have struggled since time began in this area, and had tried to sort it out in my own strength with no sustainability.

For me, it wasn’t about a diet – that was the easy bit! It was about dealing with the heaviest thing in my body…my mentality. My belief system was non-existent and my self-belief hardly present. This year I got to the end of myself. I became intolerant to the prospect of never changing, depressed and could not believe that if 2018 is what we make it, that I would stay the same and 2019 would be another year of failure.

I started talking honestly to God about it and it was then I realised that I had actually never given my weight issues to Him. I thought that I had messed up and was way beyond change, and that God wasn’t interested in the pounds that needed to go because I had inflicted that upon myself. I had my usual arsenal of excuses ready to talk again to God about….I had an undiagnosed medical issue that piled on the weight, I had a traumatic childhood and food was my only friend, God made me this way! I started to explain again to God these issues and how important they were to me, they were my defence, the reasons, my go to, but mid flow, He abruptly stopped me! I heard a firm but kind voice that said to me “Bec, these are important to you, but they are not important to me in the slightest.”

It was like a slap in my face and I could not believe that all my issues as to why I had a weight problem were not important to Him! I opened my mouth to protest, but an overwhelming sense of relief came over me and I knew that if I was going to get this sorted, now was the moment to let these things drop to the floor and walk away for good. The freedom of not having the responsibility of my past far outweighed the responsibility of taking ownership of my future, and in that moment, my mistaken identity of God not caring became clear….He loves me, He is interested in my weight loss, He knows my reasons, but it was time to move on!

That moment was my “click”, I heard it in my heart and a wonderful journey began. Am I there yet, no! Am I at the weight and size God intended me to be yet? No! Is it a daily breeze with no hiccups? No! But it is a real journey now and my sight, knowledge and relationship with Him is in another place. So what did the “click” produce in me?….

  • New, real relationship with God and His people
  • Destruction of the lifelong mentality that God wasn’t interested in my weight issues
  • Belief that I can change and that it is not too late to restore the temple with Him
  • Patience and capacity to endure the journey
  • Love for myself as I love others

Whatever your issue, this is the time to hear your “click”; the sound that indicates that you “get it”, that you are leaving one era and another is beginning, the moment you come to the end of yourself and your efforts and God can lead you, the moment you drop your past reasons however valid and deem them unimportant!

Be open in your “click” for God to bring the right resources into your life, mine were the Thin Within programme and Arbonne. They have become vital parts of my journey and they keep me in the place of revelation and sight. God doesn’t show us the way and then not tell us how to get there; He is practical and always enables us in every way.

Everyone hears about those who turn their lives around in dramatic ways, and it inspires because we believe or condemns because we don’t! In this season, God is interested in our lives and how we live them, so don’t think He isn’t interested in you because He is, in every way big or small! Now is the time to sort out your “click”, you don’t have to make it happen, just position yourself in a truthful place so you can hear Him click His finger which indicates the time is now, and we can do it IN Him!!


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