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Don’t neglect the good thing!

If you are anything like me, date night can be a nightmare!  So much expectation, work and effort when the truth is we are tired and comfortable at home! I love the hubs very much. He is definitely the right man for me and I love spending time together…so what’s the problem? Honestly, it’s stuff! I have lost count of the dates we have had and ended up talking about the kids all night, sorting financial issues out, making household decisions, discussing extended family problems, checking in on the community….AGGGGGGH!!


I love the hubs, but we have had some questionable dates; like the time he took me on valentines day to see a boxing movie [it turned out pretty good actually], or the time we celebrated out tenth wedding anniversary kid free for the first time ever and we fell asleep on the sofa at 9pm in our lovely silent house! I am pretty low maintenance, I don’t need a lot of stuff, but the time heart to heart, deep to deep is precious to me, a sanctuary in the wild, busy days that surround us.

We are really great at family, we run tight as a foursome, mama, dad and the girls but what we have become rubbish at is us…him and I. It is easy to slip into a tribe mode when you have kids, we love it, we are good at it but at times we neglect the core of team us. We have had to start setting some ground rules of no kid talk [apart from how cute they are!], no community chat, no household guff and no work talk! It is really refreshing to get back on track with the heart to heart time and it is vital to the running of our life.

Everyone is busy, and it’s always tempting to take the easy option, which is to stay in and rest. We are committed to each other to put us first because all things flow from that oneness, that’s how it works! So, we are planning a trip, calling the sitters and turning Netflix off! It’s really not a treat, it’s a fundamental part of keeping the oneness in place so we can live that wonderful happy life we enjoy, just without gaps of “easy”, as we build each other and be each others good thing –  which is what we promised each other when we got engaged all those years ago!




Rebecca Crosbie

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