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Paul Humberstone

Paul is a member of the Congress Core Leadership Council of Congress WBN and the Senior Elder of New Sight International


Message from Paul Humberstone


Accord is the women’s community of New Sight International based in Cardiff, Wales and I would like to welcome you to this website. This growing group has members from many different nations and of diverse nationalities

Accord is headed by Rebecca Crosbie and is the continuing manifestation of her prophetic vision.

I am personally extremely pleased and excited with Accord. I say this because through it I have seen Rebecca come to a new place in her calling in God, I have seen the positive results in the lives of many ladies through the teachings and comments, I have seen many ladies helped as others have prayed for them in a time of need, I have seen many make new friends, and I have seen those who have come into a new and fresh relationship with God.

It is my view that God is going to take Accord to new places in Him as He is continually followed and obeyed. Ladies, I am excited for you!

This website is not ‘static’ but is continually being updated with fresh and relevant articles and exciting content.

Accord is not a replacement for anyone’s own Church community, and your Church leadership is your government.

This is an exciting venture which is just in its infancy and I welcome ladies to join Accord and take the journey with us. Come back often ladies and enjoy!!

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