Per Diem

January 1st 2019




💡 Happy New year! Let’s look at counting the cost and being stewards of our lives! How many times have we said in the moment “yes, yes, I will do that no probs!” only to be slapped in the face afterwards by the huge dawning of reality of what that would involve! 😱😱😱No, no one? Just me then? 😉 We have all done it and we have all had the torment of reality afterwards as we stop and think what it really looks like! The problem is, we then are locked in a position where to not carry it through means letting people down but doing it with a wrong heart is going let ourselves down before God and others! We all need to be saying yes to God when he requires us, but we need to consider the cost first! Lay it all out on the table, roll out the logistics, evaluate timings and resources and most importantly check our heart as to whether we are in a correct place to finish the job! It is foolish to say yes and not do it, and it is folly to do it with a wrong heart position! So, let’s be wise today, let’s remember that our response to Him needs to be aligned with wisdom and maturity to finish what we said we would do with a right internal position! A great way to start the new year I think, don’t you? #countthecost💖 #checktheheart💖

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