Per Diem

January 2nd 2019

💡 We are stewards of our life, it is actually not ours, we simply look after it and facilitate it for the purposes and plans of God! 🙌This is a really important lesson to learn because once we know this, we can start to die to our flesh and our ways! Counting the cost is also about this, knowing that our life is not our own, a life of his preferences, where we put His ways over our own. This actually leads to huge capacity where we are able to run hard and not grow weary or faint! 🦅 It is not up to us to pick and choose what we are up for and what we are not! When we say “yes Lord” we run with strength the race and we finish it! Counting the cost is about summing up whether you can put yourself down and pick His divine will up! Whether you can say no to your flesh and push on! Whether you can put yourself last and Him first. It sounds a big ask but He did it for us first and that grace enables us to do it now! Today, check your ability to put Him before your flesh…. What does this look like to you? Does this explain why you struggle at times? Whatever your position He can enable us today to put Him first, that’s what I want, what about you? #puthimfirst#yestoeverything!

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