Per Diem

January 3rd 2019

💡 As we look at counting the cost, let’s look at being hasty! I am a get up and go girl, if I lie in bed at night and think about changing my living room around I have been known to get out of bed and get it done! 😴😱 This is great! but being hasty has not been my friend over the years! I have rushed into things without thinking it through, got timings wrong, delivered it without prayer or planning! I have been able to slow down as I have become older thank God, and I can now take a thought and journey that seed to accurate delivery in time with Him! 🙏 Being hasty is as foolish as procrastinating, it screams of self effort and immaturity just the same! 🤦Let’s get this right today! Hastiness makes us miss timings and connection to Him where we run ahead to get things done! Let’s consider the demand of the Lord, say yes to Him and then ask “when and how do you want me to do this?” Let’s walk with Him and get this right, so much better to do this than run ahead and not be able to hear or see Him as we leave Him behind! 


#relationshipnottask #considertheLord

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