Per Diem

January 4th 2019



💡 Counting the cost is not about us! Its not about us considering whether we can commit to what God wants, it’s about considering the requirement and then going through a process of death to self to make sure we serve that requirement with all our heart! 💖 If we can’t follow through on the things of God and finish what we start, we need to look at who is ruling our will!🤔 A life given to Him is able to finish the task and love the journey, it’s no good doing something and moaning about it along the way! Considering the cost is the beginning of obedience and is the intelligent response to what He requires! Without obedience we are in trouble, so think about your ability to Obey today, have you considered the cost and requirement properly? If not, you will not be able to finish it properly! #obeyistheway👆 #dontfumbleyourwaythroughit👇


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