Per Diem

January 5th 2019




💡It has been a great way to start the year just checking our abilities to finish what He requires from us💖How beautiful that He has individual requirements for us to contribute to a corporate building in the earth in this time… Wow! 🙋What could be so important in our naturalness that would question and negotiate His intent for our lives? He WANTS us to partner with Him for His purposes, He could snap His fingers and it could be done, breathe and it would appear, speak and it would be established but he CHOOSES us, little old me and you to build something eternal, He TRUSTS us with the task…. Wow! 💖The only thing we need to do, is hear the requirement, count the cost which means administrating the change and strategy that lets your flesh and nonsense die to be ready to say yes Lord! and then we build, we die for the cause, no moaning, no look at me! no round of applause demanded, no internal demand of the flesh just a simple process of building with a joyful, grateful heart, quick to Obey, swift to be creative, never counting the minutes and always having capacity to go the extra mile because we are willing! 🙋That my sisters is counting the cost, not considering whether or not you are up for it but simply preparing yourself in Him for the journey ahead with a clean heart and the capacity of the Lord!#notwhatitcostsyoubutknowingwhatitcosthim💖 #befaithful💗

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