Per Diem

January 6th 2019



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💡As we finish looking at counting the cost and stewardship I just want to say….. Die to live! 🙋We need to shift our hearts to a position of generosity and willingness from a heart that is empty of ourselves, and full of purpose and hunger for Him! Remember counting the cost is not about summing up whether we want to commit to his preferences or not, but rather it’s about preparing our hearts, minds, resources, time, relationships to serve Him with all our hearts with passion, hunger, confidence and certainty with no thought to us, how we feel, who is watching us and what we will get out if it!🤦It is the time to stop just scraping through the requirement but to give abundantly more than was asked of ourselves! Now is the time to have that capacity, and it comes through dying to flesh, getting out of our comfort we have ruled from and push on!! 🤦As we walk into exactness this year, let’s get this in place now, this is exactness, where we are so full if Him, there is no room for us. I want that! I am hungry for that! I will be that! What about you? #dietolive🙋 #noroomforme🙋


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