Per Diem

January 7th 2019



💡 I love a good sort out! 🙋I hate any form of disorder and to me that is a sure way of leaving my back door open spiritually. I have always been able to sort out mess, I was the kid who used to go to play with other kids and spend the whole time tidying up their bedroom!😳I am quick, creative and able to configure anything.. That’s just who I am and I love that part of myself!💯 Joking aside, it is a very important part of my life to be able to address change when needed. How many of us feel despair and gloom when we get overwhelmed by disorder in our lives? There is a link between natural order and spiritual order and if we can discipline ourselves with the nitty gritty we can translate that energy into spiritual matters. When I am upset or frustrated, I will attack with gusto a messy cupboard or a disorganised space, it brings me immediate focus to then go tackle the spiritual disorders I need to address because I have a physical manifestation of order in play!💪 Now, I know this isn’t going to sit well with some of us, because some see mess and disorder and some don’t, but this week let’s look at how we can bring order naturally and spiritually to our lives. Being disordered can be a result of many things, time, energy, laziness, or the ability to settle in the middle of disorder! Whatever the cause, let’s look at it this week and see where we go! I love order, to me it keeps things easy and we don’t have to think about the distractions of clutter in our homes or our minds! What we are naturally is a reflection of what we are spiritually… Selah! 💖 #doyousettleinthemess🤔 #clearhomeclearmind💖

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