Per Diem

January 8th 2019




💡 It sounds so simple but there really is a spiritual dimension of getting mess into order. Whatever He wants from us we need to administrate our lives to serve that, that means we reconfigure our priorities, lifestyles, spaces and tasks! It’s hard to run when you don’t know where anything is, live in chaos or your environment looks like you’ve been burgled on a regular basis! 👀 If our houses (our natural environments, our minds, our functions, our systems, our abilities etc) are not in order, it creates a division, a fracture in our ability to connect to Him!🤦 Everything He is, is about order and precision (Exactness), the anoingtings and graces we need to function flow through order! Being sorted is not just about a spick and span life(although it’s a good environment😉) but it’s about the manifestation and evidence of an internal ability to build structures that enable Him to flow through us! 💖 It is a natural sacrifice that enables Him the freedom to flow through us without distractions or obstacles! Today, let’s consider whether we have a divided house, do we want order but struggle to work that out naturally? Is our environment free of distractions and obstacles so we can run hard without bumping into things of this earth? Do you see a connection between natural and spiritual struggles for order and discipline? Time to get it all in order! 💖#internalstructuresoffreedom💖#wearedustnothavedust😉

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