Per Diem

January 9th 2019






💡 Sorting clutter either physically, mentally or spiritually can actually really help us in the journey to authenticity! I had a friend who was extreme, die hard house proud! 😳I NEVER once saw clutter, disorder or struggle and she was always on it!! One day I was at her house and she popped upstairs and I spilt coffee on her countertop! 😱Instinct kicked in and I opened a cupboard to look for kitchen roll and I could not believe my eyes! It was dangerously crammed with the most random things, food, boxes, dirty washing and even a breakfast bowl with a spoon in it! 🥄She came back and was mortified like I had found a the dead body! 😂 She opened up that she loved her sorted reputation but simply struggled and couldn’t be bothered like the rest of us, so it was easy to just hide stuff away as long as the seen stuff was tip top! It’s easy to be like this spiritually, emotionally and naturally too as we keep up appearances but hide away our grubbiness from the public eye.👁️‍🗨️ Today, let’s think about this, do we stuff our junk away from the seen realm so we can appear more together than we really are? Do we think we are in order because you can’t see the mess? Let’s be real and get our houses really in proper order today, authentic lives with no clutter not pretend order! #dontkidyourself!🙋 #maketheunseenseen🙋

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