Per Diem

January 10th 2019

💡A big problem we can all encounter when getting our house in order is that terrible feeling of being overwhelmed! You know what I mean, that roller coaster dipping feeling as we try to climb a mountain on our knees, dig a trench with a teaspoon or fill a bathtub with a cup! 😱 It just can feel futile and impossible at times can’t it? That’s when we need to dig deep and take a mo! When we feel overwhelmed it’s easy to forget how big God is in that moment, it’s then we need to stop, go to Him, get some perspective and then makes some plans! 🙋We need to draw up some new accelerated wisdom as to where to start, get some understanding on the issue, and get some energy and joy to get going! We can have amazing capacity in Him when we go to Him in mess! Today, let’s get some new capacity to sort our mess whatever that is, naturally or spiritually, let’s run to Him today!! #runtoHim👆 #capacity👆

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