Per Diem

January 11th 2019



💡 I don’t want anyone to feel condemnation over getting their house in order! God knows our obstacles and our limits but this week I just wanted to encourage us all to start doing something however small to decluttering our lives! 🙋When we have natural, spiritual and emotional clutter it can be tricky to know where to start, I find that dealing with some natural things can motivate and set me up for spiritual things but also the natural stuff can be ordered because I have my internal space in order! I have posted some scriptures and a simple plan below to help get us started if we are struggling so no worries! 💖Whatever we do we need to do it unto Him👆Our motivation for order can’t be just to make ourselves feel happy or even smug (come on, you know what I mean!😂) It is not to make us feel good, but to allow Him to fill those spaces we have cleared with correct things. When we fill ourselves up with stuff we want, it’s clutter, when He fill us up with stuff He wants, it’s purpose! I know which I prefer 💖 Today, let’s make plans to get ourselves in order however small, let’s clean up and make room for Him and His purposes so we can be filled with the right things! #hefillsuswithpurpose👆 #innotofthemess🙋

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