Per Diem

January 12th 2019




💡 I hope you have enjoyed looking at getting our house in order this week, I have! 🏠 Remember we are looking at the whole holistic package.. physically, mentally and spiritually! Having a tidy house is great but make sure that translates into the other areas of our lives. Order is important to God, that is how He flows through us to others! Our environment is an extension of us, so if you struggle to know who you are, then look around and see what you have created! 🙋There are different levels of order according to our personalities and preferences so there isn’t a one size fits all! But… There needs to be some level of organisation that manifests obedience, faith, and dying to self! Being in order enables us to run faster, go further and jump higher! 🤾 Reconfiguring ourselves in order to accommodate the requirements of God is a sign of maturity and obedience and if you keep stumbling maybe you need to pick up the clutter and make way for Him! #tidyupyourlife🙋 #orderisobedience 🙋

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