Per Diem

January 13th 2019



💡 Soooooo, getting our house in order. Look at yourself like a big house filled with many rooms! 🏚️ You simply walk through the door with Him and let Him show you what needs to be sorted in each room! You listen, make notes then do it, then you move onto the next room! Sounds simple because it is!!! 😂 Getting your house in order is more than physical precision, it has to be about walking with Him and listening and then DOING! I ask my girls constantly “have you picked up in your room?” they always answer yes, and when I check they are lying on the bed watching Netflix! Thinking about it is not doing it!! Until you do it, it is not done so be careful you don’t deceive yourself that thinking about it is action! Today, let him prepare a place for Himself in the rooms of your life, He likes a tidy, ordered place where He can feel at home and dwell forever!! #letHimin🙋#donotthink🙆

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