Per Diem

January 14th 2019

💡 This week we are going to look at being prophetic! We know that it is not a weird and wonderful experience but a daily, quiet right we have because we are in Him! We are all able to be prophetic, it is how we walk with Him and live accurately and we are going to break that down this week.👆Being prophetic is like being an onion, there are many layers and we access those for different reasons! On a surface level, it’s just about knowing what is right and wrong and following that instinct He has put within us. It’s not just a human judgement, it’s Holy spirit inside us partnering with us in the earth. 🌎How many times have you missed that prompting and talked yourself out of it? Maybe your flesh overtook it and evaluated an easier option? It is very possible and expected that we are intuitive to the voice and promptings of God in our life. The day to day stuff comes like this, a check in our heart, a “wait a minute” mo, a surge of energy to run, a compelling need to do something…. That easy! 😉The key is that it’s not your voice representing your flesh that tells you to do what is best for you, but it’s a feeling, a thought, a surge of sight that leads says “this is the way, walk in it!” Today, let’s talk to Him and ask for greater sharpness to hear, after all it is the basic way we live correct lives! Wisdom, understanding, capacity…. It’s all just about being able to hear and do! A great place to start! #Hearanddo💖 #simplerelationship💖

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