Per Diem

January 15th 2019



💡 We need prophets because we need to be trained and equipped for service, for life! (Eph 4) It is so easy to manipulate what God wants, into what we want, so we need some help along the way to make sure there is no fuzz! 🤦We need to make sure we are in a good position to hear God, that our heart is open, our will is harnessed and our obedience is ready to go! Every day, we need to deal with ourselves in order to be an open book for Him to write upon! 📝 That means: No selfishness, no me and my needs, No ambition, no hunger for human position, No pride! we approach Him boldly but with humility, and no self pity, where we try to emotionally blackmail Him to do something we want! 😳Being prophetic starts with a clean heart, a humility that he would want to draw close to, and a real relationship where we exchange truth and light. If you want to hear Him, walk closely to him so you can hear his whispers, feel his proximity and touch his hand when needed. Agree with Him today for this position! if you cannot do it because of your flesh, then you will not be able to hear Him properly from a distance. Walk with Him today in agreement, and keep that position of closeness at all times, that’s how we hear Him every day! #walkwithHim💖 #cleanheart💖

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