Per Diem

January 16th 2019




💡 Being prophetic goes way beyond knowing right and wrong! Sometimes it’s easy to know what God wants, but when and how we do it is a whole different bowl of spaghetti! 🍝 When we hear from God, sometimes it’s like being provoked! We get a niggle, an itch we can’t scratch and it motivates us to go to Him and lay it all out on the table! This is where I am today on a few issues in my life, I have reached the end of worrying about them, being overwhelmed, inactive and wishy washy over them, so it drives me to Him! I lay it all down, talk it through with the right people, separate my preferences from His and go away and write a plan! I then return to Him and see if He authorises that in my life and whatever He says…. I do it with a right heart! 💖 My plan looks at details and timings, resources and people, I write with passion and I listen to the promptings as I go! Our hearts need to be open and clean as we hear from God, no ambition and agendas, no manipulation because what we are hearing is going to cost us something, and no pretending not to hear because it’s easier! Sometimes we waste time, money and effort building things we tried to pretend were God’s voice, we then pay a consequence for that manipulation,and that’s hard! Today, check the way you listen to Him, is it your voice, your demands looking for validation, or is it a blank page willing to do whatever He writes with a pure heart and our will in place? #dowhatHesays👆#notmywillbutyours👆

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