Per Diem

January 17th 2019



💡It is very easy to see if something is prophetic or not because when He speaks, creativity in abundance is released! We are not designed to hear Him and then feel the strain of trying to make that happen in the earth! Prophetic process is exciting, it’s simple, it’s about capacity and endless creativity to build His purposes! 💖 When He speaks, it’s His way of declaring His desire for creative relationship with us, He want us to journey with Him and creatively change and reshape who we are in order to fulfil His prophetic purposes. 👆 Think about how you hear Him, do you get excited because you have heard God then go through a hard season trying to work it all out and make it happen? That’s not how it works! We hear, we accept, we declare and then we enjoy the closeness of the process of creativity with Him! It’s about joy, energy, capacity and closeness with Him! We ask every day “what do you want today Lord?” He shows us and then creative thoughts come as to how we do that! It comes from Him, not from the strain of our own mind, this is a grace that is key, because we can do things quickly and efficiently and we start to see fruit and progress towards His preferences! When we are left to our own efforts, it becomes selfish and inward because all we have is us and our natural mind! Hearing Him leads to full, fat, flowing, loud, vibrant results not scraping through, thrown together grey ones that scream of self effort! Today ask for new creativity in Him, new grace and anointings that enables us to flow in our prophetic lives smoothly and with joy with fruit that is evident! #Hismindnotours👆#Quittryingtoworkitout! 👆


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