Per Diem

January 18th 2019

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💡Being prophetic is really about being able to die to ourselves! We all can do the activity bit, but unless the heart is totally connected to His preferences the activity is pretty futile.🤦 He is always after our heart not our activity, whatever He wants us to do really is about what He wants us to be, which always requires the death of something in our flesh. Dying to self is a vital part of our ability to be prophetic, but what does that look like? It looks like taking thoughts captive because they lead to actions, doing what is right by our faith not because we have to, but because we simply cannot live with the contradiction of our values and heart positions. It’s about being able to put what we want, what we feel and what we “need” to feel valid aside, and give to others beyond what was expected. Even our pursuit of Him can be selfish if we are not careful, because closeness to Him is always about closeness to His people and His purposes. The bottom line is…. We need to die for it and then live through it! We die to our preferences for relationship with Him (I need, I want, I feel) and live through that pursuit of correct positioning of our heart (what do you want? how do you want me to be? What do I need to give?) Sorry if being prophetic isn’t what you thought this week, but if we can just sort our hearts out once and for all, we will live prophetic lives so much easier and with freedom, we ARE prophetic we do not DO prophetic! 💖☝️💖#dieforitthenlivethroughit💖#whatIfeeldoesn‘tmatter ☝️

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