Per Diem

January 19th 2019



💡 If you are someone who struggles to follow instruction and doesn’t like being told….. Then being prophetic is going to be a struggle for you! 😱 How we are naturally is a really good clue as to how we are with God, so we might want to think about about that today💖 A good habit to have in order to be able to sustain prophetic life is to pay attention to detail! How many times do we “slop” our way through a requirement of the Lord? We are so focused on the end result we cut corners in the process and are heavy footed, we are sloppy in our building and miss important truths and aspects of His heart because we don’t pay attention to the details! 🤦We have to be faithful to the journey, to Him! We need to serve the journey and respect that process He has ordained for us with no familiarity, the fear of the Lord in place and a harness of our will in place to do what He wants! Today, let’s give ourselves to His purposes afresh, make sure you have all of the above in place in your heart not your head or your good intentions! Serve him diligently today! pay attention to the details of the requirements! 💖#droptheslop🙋 #respectthejourney👆

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