Per Diem

January 20th 2019



💡I hope you have enjoyed looking at being prophetic this week, it’s all about internal positions and dying to self to keep the vessel clean so He can use us! 💖 Anyone can prophesy, you can do it with a selfish heart and dirty hands BUT what we are after is a pure impartation that goes deep and hard into the hearts of people that brings them change and accurate relationship with Him! That comes from a clean life, a selfless heart and a life as an open vessel. Being prophetic in our day to day business, knowing what to do, being led, connecting to the right people, imparting life, being the answer, giving bread not stones, being Christ in the earth…..SANCTUARY!!!! That needs to come from a clean heart! 🙋💖🙋The ability to really impart depth is about out internal death to self and the purity that brings NOT the words we say, not our actions or our intents! When we let our internal positions die to the demands of our selfishness, that enables us to BE rather than DO, and that stability enables us to hear and do without the delay of having to fumble and filter and alter the things of the Lord because it gets mixed up with our fleshy ways and preferences! ☝️#beacleanvessel🏺 #dontbeamixeroftruth❤️

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