Per Diem

January 21st 2019

💡 OK here we go!!! Selfishness!🤦If you are human, you have the ability to be selfish, we all have been it at times, but in this season, let’s address it in detail so we can put it to bed once and for all! 🙋Last week, we looked at being prophetic and a major issue we covered was the need to remove any form of self in order to be a clean vessel. Selfishness is our biggest enemy as believers, it has a huge spectrum from personal agendas to full blown defiance because we want a certain outcome that feeds our flesh!😱 Selfishness is simply when we grab hold of all that is wide, open, corporate, free, given and ordained and full of opportunities, and pull it all down and push it into our pockets for our personal use when we feel like it! Selfishness is always linked to laziness because one of the biggest issues around it, is when we manipulate situations to serve our flesh levels. “My way” is about being comfortable, within our ability and comfort zones, it’s about doing what we want usually because it means less work, effort and commitment. Today, let’s just start with a real dialogue with Him about our true position on this issue. We will always struggle if we cannot harness ourselves, because the Kingdom is always about death to that demanding voice in our heads that says.. “I want, I need, I feel!” at the cost of others and Him! 🙏 #mywillneedstobeharnessed🙋 #Hiswillfirst👆

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