Per Diem

January 22nd 2019



💡 Our flesh is programmed to be pampered and indulged, it is very demanding and is skilled in expecting to be given freebies because it doesn’t like to pay for anything!😱 Our flesh always wants the easy way, the instant fix and lots of comfort! It’s human nature, we all have that, but in Christ we are greatly resourced to temper and harness that for our good. 💖 I hate those moments when my flesh rises up, for me it’s usually moments of self destructive indulgence. A defiant stubbornness that had amazing BOLDNESS! My flesh sounds like this:”I don’t care!” “what about me?” “I deserve this!” These thoughts always lead to a dialogue in myself where I convince myself I am something special, people are lucky to have me, I need to be told how amazing I am and don’t forget to tell God how faithful and amazing I am! 😱It’s ugly right? but those moments of selfishness can take us from a tantrum to a heart position in a moment and if we are not on it quickly, our behaviours can change and we are in trouble! If you are prone to misery, it’s time to check your selfometer! 😂Dr Noel talks about “practise forever behaviours” and I love that so much! Today, let’s be quick to jump on these moments of boldness in our flesh, lets quash those demands of self and keep it humble. Everything we are is for Him and others, so let’s practise that forever behaviour starting today! 💖#myfleshisugly🤦 #Myspiritisbeautiful🙋

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