Per Diem

January 23rd 2019

Work For A Cause


💡Selfishness comes in many guises and it’s easy to mistake the need for self as something virtuous. We need to return to the issues of needing and demanding recognition for things we do. How many times have you done something and there is an internal buzz of false humility? 🤦 The action is great but the internal heart position is actually about how you feel, how you did good and about how God is going to bless you for your good works? 😳When we don’t get the recognition and affirmation we crave, it turns on us, we feel hurt, used, taken for granted, undervalued yardy yardy ya! 😂 If we are not careful our hearts then turn cold and we become complainers, carriers of self pity and it can motivate our giving! In Christ, it’s about giving freely with a right heart in ALL things. It’s easy to have an agenda with a clear idea of outcomes you demand but that has got to go! Be careful your giving isn’t selfish, where you have expectations of what you get out of it, or where you have expectations to flatter the flesh and make yourself feel good! 🤦Come on! We all have done it! but today’s the day to change that demand from our flesh! We need to stop being so needy and get some confidence in what we are capable of in Him! Let’s make a choice today to stop demanding a round of applause and a medal for giving something with a flesh demand attached to it! He gave himself freely, so can we, it’s a powerful truth to learn that enables us to give properly and it allows Him to work in our lives with precision! #stopbeingdemanding🙋 #Givefreelyreceivefreely🙋

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