Per Diem

January 24th 2019



💡 It’s easy to relate to selfishness when it’s raging and in your face! 🤦 When I see it in myself or others it can literally take my breathe away at times! But what about when selfishness appears as something else? Self pity is a form of selfishness that is in my opinion one of the most dangerous manifestations of self because it is manipulating. Self pity is about manipulating others to pamper flesh because it feeds it and makes us feel good! It is dangerous because self pity destroys everything apart from itself and will guilt you into giving it what it wants!😱 Self pity is simply a demand to acknowledge and praise the works of our flesh, it is never about God or others but just the limitations of our own works. “poor old me, I have failed, I am useless, I am nothing..” it gives us a clue as to who rules and where all power comes from…. Ourselves!🤦When I realise I have failed because of my flesh, I rejoice because I have sight that I can’t do it and it’s such a relief!🙋(maybe I am just lazy!) That is a beautiful moment when we realise we can do nothing of eternal value without Him! it’s exciting then to partner with Him and be led! Self pity peeps can’t do this, they wallow in what appears to be self hate, but actually it’s full of self importance! I find this type of selfishness more destructive than “bull in the China shop” me, me, me! 😂 It is demanding and exhausting so if that is you, today is the day to change! Our flesh is not that important in the bigger picture, but we are vital in the plan to collaborate and represent accurately in the earth, that means you represent Him not yourself! #shelfself👆 #selfpityisdestructive🤦

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