Per Diem

January 25th 2019



💡 It has been so good to look at selfishness this week! It’s not nice to address the power of our flesh but we need to do it so we can move on into exactness, and that’s too precious to miss because we don’t like admitting it!🤦 Let’s look at the physical manifestations of selfishness today, Brace yourself because it’s not pretty! 😱 Selfishness produces: miserable people, always complaining and talking about how hard life is, people who are the downer when you get together, they always are the different voice in the group, people who always seem able to bring any issue discussed back to them and their needs, people who say the same old things about the same old things and people who don’t embrace change and opportunity because the truth is they quite like their misery! I told you it was ugly didn’t I? 😳 Selfishness always takes and never gives of itself, if it does, there is usually a condition attached to it or an action that serves a personal agenda. Selfishness is like borrowing something and not giving it back! Life works when there is a mutual exchange of something of value, we have to give as well as take! The problem with selfishness is that it can’t do that freely because it is so demanding! Today, let’s address our ability to give as well as take, think about how you deal with others and with God and His purposes. Our spiritual service depends on us receiving and then giving, or we just fill up and keep it all to ourselves, and the gifts get lost because they are not designed to be stored! #takeandgive💖 #Selfmakesyoumiserable😉

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