Per Diem

February 1st 2019


 One of the big distractions we get when focusing on the new, is the old! It’s easy to get sucked into a fight with the old stuff and there really is no need! 🤦 Focusing on the wrong thing will always paralyse us and bring a lock down on our journey, it makes us stop and waste time on the wrong stuff! The new requirement in our life is always about focus, not on the requirement alone, but on Him🙋 Exactness is about giving Him our best every day, so let’s focus on that! What does that look like? Connecting with God’s people, following promptings, not refusing anything because we don’t want to do it, not reverting to the past, being kind, no selfishness etc etc etc!! Let’s focus today on Him who perfects us, that means we do our bit (focus) and He does his part, he finishes that work in us and we mature! Let’s make the right choices today…. Give Him our very best! #hefinishesus!👆#ourbestonly🙋

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