Per Diem

February 2nd 2019


 A big issue regarding focus is who we surround ourselves with! It’s tricky to focus on the right things when we surround ourselves with people who keep picking at our values and don’t want to see us change. It’s just as bad when we surround ourselves with just us! That solitary voice that continually chats away in our head can wear us down and distract us from pressing on!🤦It really is a major key to our ability to focus and change, the wrong people around us or nobody around us! Managing our surroundings and who influences us is important, we shouldn’t have a company of opinions as we go around different people for advice, and we certainly shouldn’t be the only voice in our head! Being in right relationships is vital to our ability to focus, we become what we surround ourselves with! Today, let’s address this issue, who is influencing us?🤔 A multitude of different opinions because we go to anyone who will listen to us and get conflicting advice? Or the only authority we have is our own internal preferences as we don’t share with the right people? Focus is easy when we are like minded and connected to the right people, that’s what community is for! 🙋 #belikeminded 💖 #focusontherightthings💖

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