Per Diem

February 3rd 2019

☕ I have really appreciated looking at focus this week! I realise with what is ahead, I needed to make my gaze more accurate and sharper! I think what I want to say today is, that focus is a choice from our heart, that we are “bothered” about what we are looking at, and that our gaze is fixed not a fleeting glance!🙋 The problem is the authenticity of our focus, it’s easy to barely look at something and then try to convince ourselves and others that we gave it the time, energy and attention it required! There is a difference between acknowledging something and focusing on it! Focus comes from a heart that wants to connect with what it’s gazing upon, it has our attention, our time, our energy, our commitment to look at it until we see it! Remember, when we see something, we can have it! You can’t have or be it, if you just quickly glanced at it!! That takes a process within us of commitment and faithfulness🙋Today, consider your ability to focus, it’s about being faithful and loyal so we might want to check out our ability to stick to something until it’s done, look until we see something, stay until it’s time to go! 💖 I love that! Focus =stay ability! #stayuntilyoustick💖 #gazeisaphase🤦

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