Per Diem

January 26th 2019



💡I had a bit of a melt down this morning😭it wasn’t pretty and thank the Lord for Craig who of course put me back on track as we took it to the Lord! I have to admit, the basis of my misery (oh no! didn’t I teach that this week?🤦) this morning was I was upset with myself because I am being lazy over an issue in my life, and being gripped by feelings of being let down by others. A wave of injustice rose up in me and I couldn’t breathe as it started to choke me. Sounds dramatic I know, its flesh after all! 😂 The truth is, selfishness is when we don’t change. Why go through the journey of sight, understanding and planning if we won’t actually do the changing He requires? 🙄 Hearing God and knowing what is right is useless unless you just do it and that is where I was this morning! My flesh demanded results without the work, demanded the work done without the process of relationship needed, demanded validation without dying! Thank God all is OK now, and I am doing rather than thinking so back on the path! 🎉 Selfishness is not changing, and choosing to demand the rewards of that change without the process! My moment today might be valid, it might be justified and it might be factually correct, but in the bigger picture, it’s all rubbish and has no eternal value! You have to do and be more because people let you down… So what?! He is bigger than that in my heart! 💖There is no justification for knowing what to be and refusing to change, that’s just plain immaturity at its best! So, today, let’s get real! Let’s know that unless we do, we don’t! Simple huh? #notchangingisselfish🤦#IamokGodsortedme💖

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