Per Diem

January 27th 2019

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💡Wow what a week! I am glad we looked at selfishness, it’s been important insight as we start our journey into exactness in Him👆We have to live our lives in the fulness of our joy in Him as He resources us for abundant life, but we also have to walk carefully as we guard the journey! 💖 We are all smart enough to know that He is getting us all to exactly where He wants us…. Closer to Him! We have opportunities every day to enable the house of David (our spirit) to grow stronger and the house of Saul (our flesh) to get weaker! I think my key thought this week has been that selfishness is not changing! Choosing the old easier way that doesn’t require work, effort or any faith. Today, let’s make a new decision to always guard our hearts, to carry them carefully, because how we look after it, determines what flows out of it and that sets the course of our lives! 🙋#changeissayingnotoflesh💖 #guardyourheart💖

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