Per Diem

January 28th 2019



💡This week let’s look at focus! Everything is about exactness for us so this is a key for us to get things right in Him! There is a big difference between looking and seeing, looking is a glance whereas seeing is a connection! ☝️I have a massive thorn in my flesh which is when I ask the kids to go get me something, it is guaranteed that they will shout “it’s not here!” 🤦This takes me from 0 to a million in a second😤because I know that if I put down what I am doing go down two flights of stairs and look myself, it will be lying on the counter with a neon light around it saying “take me to ya ma!” 😂 It’s annoying when collaboration doesn’t work because someone glanced at something and didn’t see it! It comes from a disconnection that hasn’t bought into the need or requirement of someone else! He calls us constantly to go get stuff… Better attitudes, more faith, understandings and wisdom but we don’t like the interruption and give the position a quick glance and we shout back “I can’t see it!” and we return to our tasks! If we want to change, we need to focus, we need to look properly and connect to that process! If you want more, you are required to give more of yourself, your attention, your ability to seek, your connections to truth and to getting exactly what He requires for Himself!💖 Today, let’s sort out our ability to look properly and see the things of God that He is asking for, we do this by focusing on the requirement and connecting to Him and His preferences properly! #lookdontglance🙋 #bebotheredtolookproperly🙋

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