Per Diem

January 29th 2019



💡 Isn’t it interesting that we struggle at times to focus on what’s ahead but we can easily and with fervour focus on the past! Have you ever been around someone who always reverts to what has been? They steer conversations back to the past and relive former glories and bring up former things we don’t want to wade through again! 🤦 As we pursue exactness, the ability to keep looking forward is vital, to set our eyes on things before us not behind is key as we make way in the new thing! 💖 We can glance back (see yesterday’s post) but only quickly! Then we revert to our reflex position which is eyes forward and focused on Him and where He wants to take us! Let’s get this right today! Please note we focus on one thing, eliminating the clutter enables us to focus better! Glance back, focus forward not the other way around! Just the ability to do this will put us in a new stance with Him! #lookahead🙋 #pastislast🙋



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