Per Diem

January 30th 2019



💡 Focus is simply a choice! It’s our ability to obey and pursue the things of God by simply taking hold of our wandering mind and disciplining ourselves! 🙋 We are very able to take thoughts captive that beckon us to other things and get us off the path! Have you noticed when you don’t have a heart connection to something, wandering off is inevitable? When I have to get a hard assignment for uni done you can guarantee I will take any opportunity to think on other things and go willingly when they take me by my hand and say “come on let’s go!” 🤦When we are faced with things without the heart position of joy, faith, peace, prophetic sight and energy, it’s easy to go with any stranger that approaches us (trivial thoughts, procrastination, irrelevant tasks, someone else’s business)! Today, let’s take hold of our thoughts as the forever behaviour we want to practise, think on good things that will energise us to focus on the true task ahead! ☝️Focus on the loveliness of Him and eliminate all negativity and nasty stuff that calls us away from our true focus which is always Him! 💖 #donttalktostrangers😘#keeponthepath🙋

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