Per Diem

January 31st 2019


💡 Oh my! What a 24hrs it has been! When crisis comes and it looks like all is unravelling before your eyes, that is the time to stand your ground and stay focused on Him!🤦 Since the crisis yesterday, a million options, thoughts, scenarios, what if’s, oh no’s! and fears have bounced around in my head, but the truth is none of that matters! When crisis comes, it becomes a ripe opportunity for us to get off the path very quickly and run away with tangents and assumptions. We can’t do that! Whatever the situation appears like, we need to stay focused on the promises and intentions of him👆I am not going to lie, my flesh took a beating last night, no sleep, tears, frustrations and impatience BUT I am a fool if I let that rule my belief and faith. That’s what crisis is designed to do, knock us off our feet and lose focus and intent, but God uses crisis to enable us to push through, scrutinise and perceive the things of God more accurately! Soooooo, am I battered today? Yes! But I know all things work together so it’s time to practice what I preach, activate what I say I believe, and move out of the way so He can have some space to work! My job? to stay fixed on Him, and not lose sight of eternal power as He works His plans in our lives💖 #moveasideforthekingofkings!👑 #livewhatyouproclaim💖

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