March 27th 2019




🦋 Assumptions are complex! Basing the truth on something that is not true leads to nothing good! The thing about assumptions is they usually are very quick conclusions that we make based upon a certainty that we are right!🤦 It is very frustrating when you deal with someone who is adamant they are right when the evidence and the facts are very different. One of the ingredients in the assumption pie is always pride. A strength that creates false sight as 2+2=9 and nothing will move that new answer even though it is not logical or proven! The pattern of jumping to conclusions is that we make a quick, untested judgement on a situation, we gain excitement as it makes complete sense to us, we create false proof and vain imaginations about the outcomes and then we share it as the truth to others! 🤦 Before we know it, the truth has been changed, enough people have accepted the assumption as truth and it is spreading quickly like fire in the Bush! 🔥Sometimes, we don’t even consider whether what we say is truthful is correct, we just automatically declare it as so! Today, let’s ask God to show us the power of our assumptions and the damage they cause, are we wild fire or contained fire? One destroys all in its path, the other warms our toes on a frosty night! #containednotwild! 🔥 #slowdown! ⚠️

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