Per Diem

February 11th 2019




☕ OK got to admit, woke up feeling a little blue this morning! I have not been well for a few days, my hubs was going to work for the week, the house needs cleaning blady blady blah! 🤦 So, I had a choice, wait for happiness to come knocking as a big cheque through my door,💰getting a cleaner, cook, nanny and driver to work for me, 👮 finding a miracle diet pill that I take once and hey presto💊🎉, Catherine Zeta eat ya heart out! or whatever thing I am waiting for to lift my blues!! The reality is lovely people, NOTHING is going to give us joy or happiness because it really doesn’t come to us it comes through us! 😉 I CHOSE to get up this morning, put some Barry Manilow on (don’t judge me! Whatever floats your boat!) while getting dressed, sang my little heart out with a creaky cough and chest to a sell out Wembley arena (in my head!), told my hubs I loved him and started my day! OK, that might not be your happy place but give me a break, it worked!! The point is, happiness and joy is not about things or circumstances, it’s about a consistency within that comes from right relationship with him and his people. We are going to look at this in detail this week, so if you are a misery chops today, put some tunes on, open your bible and reconnect to your inner truth of gratitude and placement in Him, because that is where all real joy comes from… Not Barry, he was just a vessel! 😂 😂 #itsachoice! 😉 #miserableissolastyear! 😂

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