February 12th 2019


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☕ OK, better start to the day today, didn’t need Barry! 😂 I am quite a joyful person, a lot of my life was miserable and hard, so now I don’t play around with misery because that’s crazy right? It felt like I had no choice for years but now I do, and I am grateful for that every day! 🙋If we are going to live a life, we need energy and capacity to do that! Things of this world are joy thieves and it’s surprising how little things can deplenish our personalities throughout the day if we let it! I don’t know about you, but, sister I NEED all the strength I can have, to not just get through my day, but to live it wonderfully with enjoyment and purpose! Misery, complaining, murmuring, moaning, griping all the fleshy drivel disables our strength because joy is the platform for it! 🤸Joy in Him is not just laughter, but an internal depth of peace, gratitude, excitement, pleasure in being in Him! It allows us to treat people well, deal with difficult situations, trust Him and not allow bitterness to fester in our hearts! If you are miserable today, check your gratitude levels! We need to give thanks in all things not for all things, and that is what joy enables us to do! 💖Today, check your gratitude levels, check your ability to give thanks to him despite the situation. It really is just an utter relief that He is going to be with us and that stirs joy in my heart for real! #gratitudemakesmejoyful! !😍 #truestrengthisjoy! 💪

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