February 14th 2019


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☕ Joy really is a result of correct internal relationship! I have looked back on my journey and have really been able to track significant times I was seriously miserable, and everytime the solution was the same! Every exit on my journey happened because I was able to put Him and others before myself. Now hold on before my halo slips,😇 I haven’t got this right everytime trust me!🤦But those really significant shifts have occurred when I chose to put him first. This means, I chose to believe His word, listen to teaching until I heard it, connect properly to God’s people, pray honestly, be authentic before Him! Also, It works for me when I put the right people before me and my woes, praying for others properly, fellowshipping, helping others practically, serving the community with joy, being the best I can be in a task and giving him my best! 🙋Joy comes when we let Him help us to help ourselves! To be authentic, to take joy in serving and to take delight in giving him my best every day. We are smart, we know when we don’t try or give him the best we can, and that is a sure way to kill any joy! Today, let’s focus on how we deal with ourselves, do we access joy to enable us to build? or do we just not try at all because it’s easier and it doesn’t require anything from us? Joy is a choice, to help us give him our best and put others first, it’s always the way!! #theonlyjoyofhavingissharing! 💖 #joygives! 💖

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