February 15th 2019


Shadow of your wings.png


☕ I am at the airport on the way to Holland to our Dutch community this weekend! Joy doesn’t touch it people because I LOVE being with them every time and for every purpose! 🇨🇮 (Jesus please let this be the Dutch flag! 😂) Craig and I always go in joy to our kin, our energy is always high, our purpose is in place, our love is rooted in our hearts and we love to build with them at every opportunity! 💖Joy for us today is no problem, it’s just there, because we know what God wants to do and we have a specific space to fill. Being prophetic and being led to the fulfilment of what He wants fills me with joy, and all earthly stuff just doesn’t seem important today! We choose to make it all serve the purpose AHEAD because Joy is about doing the next thing right! Confidence to Know we can do it if we have correct hearts fills us, and every trip to Holland improves our marriage, our oneness and our love for each other! 👫So, today let’s remember that purpose and serving that brings joy deep within, not to make us feel good, but to equip us to get the job done and build His people and ourselves accurately! #loveourdutchies💖 #purposebringsjoy! 🙋

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