February 17th 2019



What if.png


☕ Joy! Have loved looking at this,💖 it’s good to remind ourselves that it is the best way to build strong lives that can stand in all things! Joy is difficult to sustain if we are always thinking about what we don’t have, and what hasn’t worked out for us yet! That gratitude for what we have, what we are now in Him should bring us joy that enables us to have capacity and strength for the journey! 🙋Today, let’s just make sure our heart position is gratitude and value for our lives in Him! If we are prone to grumbling about the day to day stuff, let’s make a shift, a change, a flip today and choose gratitude, appreciation and joy in all things! When we do that, it shows Him we trust Him, we choose Him and we want Him, and that enables us to see beyond, to cope, to have peace, to be calm and to have faith for what’s ahead!! #chooseeveryday! 🙋 #joyisstrength! 🙋

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