February 18th 2019



☕ This week we are going to look at the desires of our hearts! It’s easy to just trot through life without any purpose or desire in our hearts, we can get worn down by the grind, the norm, the stuff whatever we want to call it! 😂 I want us to start this week on a clear thought which is, God plants desires in our hearts, and when we start to run after those things He desires, He equips us to get them in perfect time! ⏰ I can hear you all over the world now asking the same question, How do we know that our desires are Him and not us? Good question! We are going to break that down this week! Let’s start off with some simple thoughts to get the ball rolling, what makes you angry? What makes you happy? What can’t you live without? (don’t say potato chips, they are not in the perfect plan of God!! 😂) What do you day dream about? What is so familiar that when you hear it, it’s like someone calling your name? These are simple observations we can make that can give us clues as to what He has placed in our hearts, so stay tuned, because I am going to share some of mine this week as examples! He places desires in all our hearts and this is the time to acknowledge them and work with Him to see them grow and manifest properly! So, have a think today and if you are not sure, ask Him! #haveathink! 🤔 #askHim! 👆

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