February 19th 2019


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☕ OK, the desires of our 💕! We looked at our core Scripture yesterday that instructs us to “delight ourselves in Him!” We have all read that a million times haven’t we? but it doesn’t mean just be happy about being in God and He will give you all you want! 😉 God resourcing us is never just about being blessed, being “full,” being able or having “stuff!” It’s always about being resourced by Him to fulfil the requirements He has for us. He is not cruel! He never expects us to be or do anything that only allows our own, self effort to accomplish! If He is going to require it, He is going to resource it and that is a really good guide in our day to day lives about what His will, purpose and vision is for us! 🙋When we slog through a task to make it happen, then that is a good indication that His grace, His anointing, His blessing is not upon it. Don’t get me wrong, we all have to fight for things at times, but I am talking about pure self effort to squeeze a little drop of something out of the stone hoping it’s Him! 🤦🤦To delight means: “to participate wholly (no spectators), to take action via communication and interaction, to seek full knowledge and insight” So in order for Him to resource our hearts desires, we must be in relationship with Him, connected, resourced and full of wisdom! That is our requirement in the process. His part, is to give us the desires, this means: “to give aggressively (not passive), to respond to a request and to satisfy himself in you!” Don’t you love that? He satisfies Himself through us when we delight in Him! He delights in us when we know our desires are planted by Him, our ideas and creativity serves His plans for us and we know the way because we can walk in it with Him! Wow! 🙋💖🙋 #delightHim!👆 #Himinus=resource! 💕

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