February 20th 2019




☕ God doesn’t place belongings (cars, houses, status, trinkets) in our hearts, he plants clear directions and intentions in us so we can follow the way with understanding and clarity. The desires he places within us are going to stand the test of time, never faddy or in fashion! When he places things in our hearts they have eternal value and it will take us a lifetime to perfect them! 🙋 It is true that He will place desires in us for jobs, an area of life, partners, where we want to live etc, but the real stuff is about WHO he wants us to be and that will serve any job, marriage or life choice we make. For me, He has planted the need and desire for order. I can whip any mess into a functioning space in minutes (who am I wonder woman?) 😂 but that is what I do in any situation, I gravitate towards order physical, mental or spiritual in everything I do because I am just wired that way! He planted that in me and it’s who I am, so it always manifests! I see mess and I can quickly find a way to order it in my mind, it’s very handy! 😂 😂 Today, think about who you are in the sense of your heartbeat, your core, you just can’t walk away from it, it just pops out in all you do! That’s purpose, that’s who you are created by Him, that’s a great platform to trust and start building upon whatever that looks like! It’s important to know who we are and be confident in that, protect it, be loyal to it and serve it well, that’s his purpose and preference in you for all things!! 💖 #whoareyou? 🤔#whereisyourconfidence? 🙋

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