February 21st 2019



☕ If we are going to respond to the desires He places in our hearts, then we are going to have to be mature enough to lay down anything tucked away in there that is not of Him! 😢 We all have dozens of thoughts and daydreams that we ponder on from time to time. I have a reoccurring one where me and Lionel Richie sing duets to a packed out stadium! 😂🎶😂🎶 I am sure this comes from the depth of my flesh however delicious it makes me feel on a gloomy day, but how do I know it’s not God? 🤦 Let’s break it down! Does this desire only rely on me, or can it be transferred to a company to fulfil? 🤔 Does it bring glory to God and give Him opportunity to live through me? 🤔 Do I daydream about this because it feeds my ego and makes me popular? 🤔 Is there room for Him in this desire, or is it to feed my flesh and elevate me? 🤔 Now don’t get me wrong, God plants the desire to do this in people hearts, but me and Lionel? That’s about showing people how fabulous I am, and showing all my haters over time how great my life turned out! 🤦I know this example is a bit out there, but you get my drift right? It’s easy to pursue desires because we want to prove a point, get revenge on those who doubted us, or be successful to feed our ego and portray a life that’s not really meant for us! Let’s make sure our desires are about Him, and giving Him room to manifest in our lives through us. If we are going to do that, there can be no sign of ego, pride, self importance and performance! It’s about being a vessel, and allowing Him to be represented on earth accurately! So, if any of our desires come from wrong positions, we need to let them die and pursue accurate, achievable and divine purposes for our lives, where He can be glorified and we can be divinely resourced! 💖🙋💖 #sorryLionelIamnotavailable! 😎 #dietolive! 🙋

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