February 22nd 2019


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☕ My husband has always had to travel far for work. It’s been a thorn in our flesh, and the last two years he has stayed in another city Monday to Thursday as it is too far to come home every night. In the next month, his contract ends and we have been believing God for the next thing. High on our list is a contract closer to home, as being apart is just too hard these days.😢 A few weeks ago a job came up ten minutes down the road…. Miracle!! This had never happened, and we got excited! After exploring it, it was more money, down the road, at the level he wanted and he got the interview! 🎉 When he went there, he was secretly disappointed, the work ethic was sloppy, and there was a feeling that he would have to compromise somethings but it meant he could come home every night right? 🤔 He got the call to say he didn’t get the job and we learnt a massive lesson that day. We can’t work God out when it comes to wanting things, we can want them so bad we can choose to not obey, pretend to not hear and opt for compromise. 😱 We wanted this job so badly it would of been easy to bypass God’s guidance, but I am glad we didn’t! We have to Obey the direction if we we are going to fulfil his desires in our hearts, so we trust Him again and see where He leads! That is who we are! 💖#dontignoretheguidance!🙋 #makesureyourhear! 🙋

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