February 23rd 2019

☕I think trusting God with what’s ahead is a real gift🎁I shared our situation yesterday about Craig’s job, and the truth is last night we had to sit down and makes some choices. We both can’t bear the possibility that he might have to take another job away from home, it’s an elephant in the room that we just don’t want to talk about because if we do, it becomes real right? Not at all! Part of trusting God is to lay it all out on the table, fears, worries, concerns, the whole sherbang! Because if you can’t be honest about voicing it, you can’t give it to him fully! 🤦God knows our humanness, and we always get to a place where we lay it all out warts and all, we voice every ugly bit hidden in our hearts and it feels so free to do it! We lay it out, we talk about it, we choose to see it as futile and then we pray, not religious prayers we think God wants to hear, but real, gritty, from the heart prayers where we talk to him about our fears and then give them to Him! 🙏The truth is, we can give him anything, despite its uglyness or self reliance, the key is to never take that back but to leave it with Him! Trust is about working hard to not take back what you have given to Him, so last night we made a pact to not do that, to protect the journey, to be faithful to each other in our trust in Him, to find joy in what He will do, and to expect the best, because He works all good for us! 💖 Fear is just us taking back what we have given Him because we think we can handle it better! 🤦Trust me, we can’t! We need Him more than ever now, and it’s time to practise what we preach, live what we declare and trust who He is!…. Simple huh? 🙋#trustwhohesaysheis! 👆 #donttakeitback! 🙋

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