February 24th 2019




☕ OK, are we all clear on the desires of our hearts now? 🙋We have really broken it down this week, and seen how we know what is what, and how we pursue it properly for the right reasons! If you can watch the archive of todays accord meeting, it will show you how to identify who you are, and how to be confident in that as you build your life with Him! If you haven’t been sure up to now guess what? It’s time! ⏰We have to know who we are if we are going to be sure about the desires he places in our Hearts! 💖We have to be confident and rely on that as we build, and not keep stopping and doubting what he has placed within us. Today, let’s find a new sense of urgency to know who we are and what we are to be, because if we just float through life waiting for it to reveal itself to us, we are going to waste precious time!🤦 If you don’t know, ask! He loves to reveal who we are in Him as we journey accurately fulfilling not only our potential but our destiny in Christ! 🙋💖🙋 #itstime⏰ #askhim! 🙏

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